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Avinash Kaushik

Digital Marketing Evangelist,
Google | Co-founder, Market Motive |
Bestselling Author

Don't miss this energetic and inspiring keynote
packed with invaluable practical insights!

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Why Attend?

Why Attend?

The Internet has become an integral piece of the social and economic fabric of Canada. This event is the venue for Canadians to discuss, and ultimately influence, its development! Find out why »

.CA Membership

.CA membership is free and open to any .CA domain name holder who wants to take an active role in helping shape the Internet in Canada.

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Interest in the future of Canada’s Internet? You can join the CIRA Board of Directors and help build trusted Canadian values online.

2012-2013 Report to Members

Discover how CIRA is working to advance the Internet in Canada and bring Canadian values online.

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