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Why should you attend CIF National Event and CIRA Annual General meeting (AGM)?
The CIF National Event and CIRA’s AGM are joining forces to give Members, Registrants and Internet enthusiasts more reasons to get involved.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Hear from leading thinkers and experts about Internet governance, digital literacy and cyber-security.
  • Share your thoughts on the development, deployment and governance of the Internet in Canada.
  • Listen to debate about Internet-related issues.
  • Learn about getting your business online and ways to track success through online analytics
  • Meet and network with other like-minded individuals within the Internet community.
  • Learn about CIRA activities and strategic goals.
  • Participate in the direction of the organization that operates the .CA domain.
  • Be part of building Canadian values online and directly influence the development of Canada’s Internet.
  • Engage with CIRA Board members and key staff.

If you are a .CA Member, you’ll even be able to vote on items of business.

As per the new Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act and changes to CIRA’s By-law, our eligibility rules for voting in the Annual General Meeting and Board of Directors Election have changed.

To ensure that you are eligible to participate as a voting Member in the AGM either online or in-person, you must have been a .CA Member at least 21 days prior to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) (i.e., end of day August 26, 2013) and continue to be a Member at all times until the start of the AGM. We recommend you submit your membership application by August 20, 2013 to allow time for processing.

Find out if you are a .CA Member. | Learn more about the benefits of .CA membership. | Become a Member - apply online today!

The Internet belongs to all of us, and impacts every aspect of our lives. Your contribution helps build Canadian values online, and ensures .CA continues to be an accessible, secure and trusted resource for all Canadians.

Can’t attend in person? The event will be available by interactive webcast.